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Friday, 21 January 2011

Dark Knight Rises cast, cars and costumes oh my (updated)

As you will already know by now Anne Hathaway has been cast as Selina Kyle in the new bat flick however it has been reported that when the casting was announced the Warner press release made no mention of her alter ego CATWOMAN. If this has any significance then my predictions are that Selina will appear as a thief (cat burglar) and not as a ready made costumed 'super villain'. (Her costume could be modeled after the one being used at present in the comics which has a practical look to it but with all the cat elements like the ears on her mask removed.)

As for Bane (Tom Hardy) I hope (and suspect they will) portray him as a smart criminal genius who is a mental and physical match to Batman but uses his steroids (Venom) to give him the edge rather than try and use CGI to 'Hulk' him up.

 My thoughts on the new Bat-mobile go along the lines that over the last 2 flicks Batman refined his suit to make him sleeker and faster so it's only fair to think he'd do the same with his hot rod one suggestion doing the rounds on the net is that a possible choice would be the Lamborghini Ankonian, this is actually a fairly educated guess as Lamborghini supplied Bruce Wayne's car for Dark Knight and they do share design similarities.

As for the Bat suit, keeping with the 'make everything sleeker' motif I'd like to see them cover up the armour and make it look more 'costume' like as seen in the Batman: Dead End short. If this did happen I doubt the trunks over the tights would make an appearance but as with the comics, Bruce Wane's current bat suit is sans trunks so maybe it could be done and kept in fitting with Nolan's Bat world.

Here's an article.


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