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Saturday, 15 January 2011

PRIEST: the comic book movie praying for a miracle (i thank you)

This year is a glut with comic book films. Some of comic-doms top tier characters are taking their best shot at big screen glory, even a 3rd string gem like The Green Hornet is getting the Hollywood treatment but here's one that you may not have heard too much about, the adaptation of Hyung Min-woo's PRIEST.
Fans of the book seem down on the flick because as is the Hollywood way they've changed a lot of what made what  the book what it was, but then there's nothing new there.

The trailer won't do much to calm the nerves of the already twitchy fan-boys. It looks like it's got some cool (if predictable) stuff going on Warrior Priests, cowboys on futuristic bikes and a walled metropolis surrounded by a post apocalyptic dessert (it even has Karl Urban who must have seen it as practice for his turn in the upcoming  Dredd) so far so good but with it's villains being vampires which for too long now have been 10 a penny why use ones that look like rejects from that god awful Constantine movie. I had hopes that this would turn out to be something like The Crow (relatively unknown comic get's the recognition it deserves with a small but perfectly formed Saturday night flick) but instead it looks like it's happy with 10 year old second rate Matrix FX and CGI monsters they forgot to make scary.

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