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Friday, 21 January 2011


This image has popped up showing the new Spider-Man costume in all it' Apart from the unnecessary redesign (it dose however alow them to market a whole new line of merchandise which will look slightly different to all the existing merchandise) what the fudge are the red eyes all about. It also occurs to me that this image comes from the 'leaked' footage which recently hit the web (I thank you) where Spidey is chasing a truck, ON FOOT no doubt because his web shooters have run dry. Oh yes Spider-Man running round in his onesy and disco slippers just what everyone wants from a flick about the world famous web spinning wall crawler. I quote the legendary Spider-Man artist John Romita, "If you make him standing on the ground then you've wasted Spider-Man". Of course it's to early to be passing judgment on a film that isn't even done filming but having sat through a good number of comic adaptation made by people who obviously don't know the character they are adapting it's easy to spot the signs and with only a hand full of images and some unofficial footage the Spider-Man re-boot is already shaping up to be the stone cold downer I thought it would be.
(all it needs is the first 30 mins to be taken up with a pointless origin story and it's mantel as the 'new Fantastic Four' is more or less assured)

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