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Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Created by Harold Grey the Little Orphan Annie comic strip was first published in 1924 ( the last strip was published 2010 and ended on a cliffhanger.classic) but is probably better known outside of America for the 1982 film version of the Broadway musical. It could reasonably be argued that it's 'the BEST COMIC ADAPTATION EVER MADE' because the film version of Annie (which isn't my usual cup of tea but you can't deny it's a solid piece of entertainment) adds a dimension to the character that the comics never could namely the music unlike superhero adaptations which never really enhance or add anything of worth that the original source material couldn't (or hasn't) already achieved on it's own.

 And just in case the sweetness of the ginger orphan is in danger of bringing on a diabetic coma here are the first 2 panels from a Tijuana Bible (c.1930's) which shows the character in an entirely different light. (Like most Tijuana Bibles the contents becomes even more pornographic as the story continues and ends with Annie and her dog Sandy 'enjoying each others company'. nudge, nudge, wink, wink...)

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