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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

first image of X-MEN: FIRST CLASS

Here is the first image of the cast in full costume for the upcoming X-MEN: First class flick.
With all the attention being centered on The Avengers and the solo movies that are leading up to it the X-Men picture has been elbowed slightly into an almost second tier status ( a bit like what has happened to the comic titles over the last ten years.) After the mess that was 'Last Stand' maybe this isn't such a bad strategy, it has a decent cast, it's chosen to focus on Magneto and Professor X ( who I would have prefared to see in bald and in his wheelchair although I'm sure it's on the cards ) it's put them in the traditional blue and yellow uniforms and more importantly it's not going to feature Wolverine who hasn't been interesting since Chris Claremont stopped writing him.( however don't completely rule out an unnecessary cameo).
I have high hopes that this could be the sleeper hit out of the upcoming Marvel movies purely because of my (Uncanny) X-Men loyalties which Marvel has done it's best to pulverize for over a decade now with an endless precession of poor X-titles and an unwavering and uninteresting reliance on Wolverine/Deadpool.

Here's an article and a run down on who's who.
In the article there's one character it can't identify empire online names her as Angel (Grant Morrison version)

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