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Friday, 15 October 2010


Will 2012 see BATMAN and SPIDER-MAN try and out do each other at the box office in more ways than one. According to an article on the makers of the new Spider-man movie are looking for a you actor to play the son of Dr. Curt Conners/the Lizard who they saying will be played by Rhys Ifans. As you may or may not know the previous Spider flicks had the actor Dylan Barker playing the role of Conners but never actually had him go all bad and scaly. The choice of the Lizard surprises me, I thought they would have went with the Vulture as a flying villain fits with the current 3D craze, but shows what I know.( although John Malkovich is still being linked with the role.)
There are also reports from the Bat camp that Tom Hardy will play the equally reptile like Killer Croc, news which was backed up with reports that 'Batman3' would feature scenes shot in 'Gator country, New Orleans. And with the Catwoman and Blackcat rumors still to be denied these movies are shaping up to be mirror images.

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