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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

LOONEY TUNES, read it and weep.

When I say I love cartoons, you best believe I LOVE them, L-U-V.
But when I talk about 'toons I'm not talking about kitsch Hanna-Barbera fare such as Scooby Do or the Hair Bear Bunch or Mickey Mouse and his merry band of corporate stormtroopers no I'm talking about the kings of slap stick The Looney Tunes. Now it may be unfair to point out the corporate machinations of Walt's favorite son while ignoring the Warner Brothers sized elephant in the room but when it comes to the original Bugs Bunny and Co all is temporarily forgiven, but i digress. The Loony Tunes are unsurpassed in their sheer greatness so it is with a heavy heart that I read what the money hoarding Golumites over at Warner have in store for them. Check out this article over at and try not to grind your teeth to dust as the sheer awfulness of it all consumes the small part of your childhood that will always be stamped ''PROPERTY of ACME''.

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