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Friday, 22 October 2010

GREEN LANTERN CONCEPT ART has gotten hold of some concept art from the Green Lantern flick and they've also posted up a preview video blog of they're time on the movies set with the promise of more to come.
My initial thoughts on this picture are that it's gonna be a stone cold downer because Hollywood just won't push it to the kind of limits a character like Green Lantern has to go. For now I predict a good chunk of the opening half hour being made up of an origin story peppered with Ryan Renolds sarcastically quipping about how cool/hard it all is as he looks in awe at his new ring (oo-er) ,the rest of the film will be used as a set up for the inevitable sequel with just enough CGI to keep everyone baffled and background cameos to keep the fan-boys happy,Hal trips over Ch'p "Hey little guy" Ch'p shows some attitude "cute" quip's Hal or he walks into the chest of Kilowog and slowly looks up "Hey big guy, why the long face", Kilowog grunts "cute" quips Hal (you get the picture.)

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