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Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Found this article about the actor Idris Elba and how he is starring in Thor and may be appearing in a Ghost rider sequel.
Of course he wont be the first actor to take on more than one comicbook role with the 'king of the comic adaptation' title going to Ryan Renolds who has 2 Marvel and an up and coming DC role to his name (Blade 3 as Hannibal King, Deadpool and Green Lantern).
Of course his wife Scarlett Johansson also has 3 (Ghost World, the Spirit, and Iron-man2 as Black Widow) but her man's efforts are a little more high profile so he just wins it.
As much as the younger more innocent me would have been jumping all over these flicks the older more bitter me is in two minds as to whether they benefit the books they're based on by placing them more in the public eye or if they are in some small way killing them off.
Big box office compared to poor book sales and a dwindling readership suggests the latter.

Ps. this article has Idris Elba linked to play Luke Cage although I see him as the far more interesting Black Pather.

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