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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Miller & Snyder plan seperate 300 spin offs.

Both Frank Miller and Zack Snyder are planning spin offs of the Spartan epic 300 both titled XERXES. Although Snyder's 2006 film was an adaptation of Millers graphic novel neither of the new projects will share any connection. I think I was one of the few who actually like the film version of 300 and I'm quite interested to see what it's spin off will look like the thing I am worried about surprisingly, is Frank Millers new mini series.
In my opinion Miller has 'lost the plot' slightly and really hasn't done anything of worth in comics or film since the Sin City books. His record of returning to passed glories is not good either The follow up to the seminal DARK NIGHT RETURNS was met with mixed reviews and his last high profile comics gig was as writer on ALL STAR BATMAN & ROBIN (which was touted as a prequel to Dark Knight), but even with Jim Lee as it's artist was nothing short of disappointing. It's ten issues where full of confused storytelling and bad dialog and at it's end, nothing had actually happened. Miller's place in comics history is assured and rightly so, but reputation isn't enough in these days of $5 funny books.

Here's what Snyder has to say on Xerxes.

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