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Friday, 8 October 2010

REMAKES, REMAKES, REMAKES..................... has put up a list of 50 yes 50 film remakes coming soon from some of Hollywood's finest hacks. Some notable ones such as, American Werewolf in London, Yellow Submarine, Warriors and Mad Max just don't make sense why do it, those movies are perfect.
(I know why they're doing it, these movies are 'brands' and are more easily sold and marketed than new unknown properties but that don't make it right and doesn't excuse all involved for being in it for the money goons! )
Others on the list don't make sense for different reasons nowhere in this world or the next is someone saying "Gee, I wonder when someones gony get round to remaking Overboard."
by the way it's legal to spit on anyone you hear say this, fact.
Out of the 50 (yes 50) only Judge Dredd has me waiting with fingers crossed but to be fair the Stallone effort had nothing going for it and Dredd deserves a good adaptation.

Check out the list here.

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