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Friday, 22 October 2010


I remember going to the cinema in '95 to see the now classic Usual Suspects and loving every minute of it. It was released on the coat tails of Pulp Fiction and it's characters shared the same Pulp/Exploitation 'cool' as those found in the Tarantino flick but where Pulp was entertainingly cleaver Suspects was cleverly entertaining. It was quick paced, well acted by a relatively unknown cast and it's twists and turns where expertly directed by a man who had just turned 30 and had only one other feature to his name. The excellent Apt Pupil followed and then X-Men and it's sequel redefined the superhero movie, the future looked bright. Singer was quite rightly hailed as one of the most promising young directors and was expected to go on to produce original and substantial work. Then just before shooting the last installment of his X-trilogy he bailed out to direct Superman, what could possibly go wrong? answer, everything.
The concept of Superman Returns was solid, not a remake but a sequel to the Richard Lester version of SupermanII complete with Marlon Brando but from there it was all down hill. The film was dull, slow, long and in my opinion miscast and was savaged by critics, movie goers and more importantly the fans. Since Superman his director credits have been slight, a made for TV movie, episodes of House and the disappointing Valkyrie starring Tom Cruise. And now according to an article on he has been given the go ahead for his remake of the beanstalk climbing adventure 'Jack the Giant Killer' this along with his other directorial projects , Battlestar Galactica & Excalibur both of which are also remakes marks an uninspiring phase in the career of someone who originally seemed to be, original.

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