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Monday, 11 October 2010

THE FLASH, the fatest man alive!

The actor Bradley Cooper is the front runner (I thank you) to be cast as the Flash and has used the above photo match up to highlight this point, well done Bradley Cooper. The thing that I'd like to point out is how unhealthy the Alex Ross painted Flash looks, fastest man alive, fastest man to Wily Wonka's all night chocolate buffet more like, and what's with his costume it doesn't even fit him it makes him look like a sad 30 something waiting to be picked up by him mum from the local comic convention. I can appreciate Alex Ross for his technical ability and of course books like Kingdom Come show great skill and ability but from an aesthetic point you can take realism in superhero comics too far and when you do that instead of mythic heroes you get the 'Big Bang Theory' cast reunion 2035.

Here's the article.


  1. Yeah, that artwork is a little sketchy (no pun intended). As for Cooper playing the role of Flash, I say go for it, since he was in the running to be Hal Jordan.

  2. I still think Renolds is more suited to the Flash.