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Friday, 15 October 2010


There's rumors that a few of comics mightiest fan favorites could be bypassing the big screen in favor of the small. Big hitters such as The Hulk and Wonder Woman are being touted but it's the B-list characters that have me most excited. Marvel/Disney seem to be the main instigators and of the characters being mentioned CLOAK & DAGGER are the ones I'm digging the most, Ive always loved the characters and look forward to their comic-book guest appearances and the odd mini series, although their recent involvement with the X-Men was misjudged and pointless but that say's more about the state of the X-men books than anything else.
Some of the Marvel characters like Cloak & Dagger and the enigma that is Moonknight could really work on TV. My only reservation is that since shows like Buffy and Smallville have been so successful the formula for American SCI-FI/Fantasy television is pretty much written in stone which can be either really good (Firefly, Dollhouse....) or really bad (Vampire Diaries, Andromeda....).

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